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Nikkei Sushi Bar & Restaurant Aruba

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If you’re looking for a great sushi restaurant in Aruba, you should really be on the lookout for a sushi bar that offers Nikkei sushi! This innovative fusion food has taken Aruba by storm and offers an unbeatable flavor experience.

What is Nikkei sushi?

Nikkei sushi is a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian food. More specifically, it takes traditional Japanese sushi and elevates it by combing it with ceviche, a Peruvian food staple. Nikkei sushi is prepared using some highly specialized cooking methods along with interesting additions like corn, limes, yucca, aji peppers, and potatoes. It’s an incredible, almost indescribable, combination that offers delicate sushi taste with an intense kick of heat and spice.

Nikkei Sushi in Aruba

Nikkei sushi is incredibly popular on the island, but not every Japanese restaurant in Aruba will offer this delicious cuisine. In fact, sushi bars specializing in Nikkei sushi seem to be rather few and far between. By far one of the best, however, is the aptly named Nikkei Sushi Bar! The restaurant features delicious sushi meant to be a true flavor experience. If you’re looking for one of the best sushi restaurants in Aruba, look no further! And also note that they deliver, so if you’re looking to enjoy world-class food in your hotel, Airbnb, or on the beach, they have you covered.